My name is Stephen Smith and I offer my services in the following areas:

Small business with a web presence that suits their needs.
From a few pages (Who we are, What we do, Where we are) to a constantly evolving site and e-commerce.
Helping anyone with their technology, be it a smart TV, phone or PC.
Are you lost with the options available to you?
Has life gone from “Where’s the remote?” to “What’s my password for the bank?”.

If you think you can relate to either of the images above, please get in touch to discuss your needs.
I have flexible plans and options that can work for you !

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    Rubicon Web and Technology Training was not only the ideally priced option for me to start my own webpage for the sale of books and and editorial and illustration services, it was also the wisest move. Stephen really had the patience to teach about the website and how to use, change and update the information that was needed. I have told others about RWTT as I think his company is an important tool to set up what is now a needed aspect of trade.

    My best wishes for increased success, Stephen

    Else Klavins –

    Else Klavins

    I have worked with Stephen for around a year. He took on the task of updating my website to contemporary standards with great enthusiasm. He has taken the time to teach me the “ins and outs” of the website and assist me with general aspects of my online presence. Stephen acts in a professional manner and is supportive of my needs and wants for my Internet activities. Stephen is always fastidious in relation to security and backups of data. Get in contact with him today !

    Peter Hayes –

    Peter Hayes