Technology Training

Well, you are reading this, so that’s a good start !

What is all this technology ? Let’s explore some some ideas of what is technology in our life.

Let’s start with the obvious ones – that phone ! Why does it always flash and have all that stuff at the top of screen ? And what’s the difference between Android and Apple ? I mean, they both start with “A” !

And why are computers seemingly so complex these day ! I thought they were going to make life easier, like when your dog brings you slipper.

Oh wait, that is the cat ! See how simple things can seem way too confusing.

So, I would like to help.

Let me look through you technology issues – it could be the smart tv – why does it have all that stuff? Don’t we just turn it on to watch the ABC ?

So, bring a little control back into your life, get some individualized training, become as smart as the kids and put some emojis  (have a look at here ) to find out what they are)