iPhone 6 Guide


Recommended Grip

Sim Card Tray

Power button –

Home button – turns on phone or returns to home screen and fingerprint scanner

Volume Rocker

Mute Switch

Headphone Jack

USB Connector


Cameras (front and rear) and flash

Cables – USB and headphones.

Headphones – Volume control, Pause / Play – Siri button


Access with power or home buttons

Slide the flashing “Slide to unlock

Camera Icon – camera access

Control centre – swipe up from the bottom

Notifications – swipe down from the top

Changing Wallpapers

Home screen – Settings – Wallpapers

Current lock screen and home screen

Choose from static, dynamic or personal images

Choose preference and select Set

Passcode and Touch ID

Home Screen – Settings – Touch ID & Passcode

Turn passcode on – like a PIN 4 number

Long passcode – uncheck “simple passcode”

Enter current passcode and enter words and numbers to unlock

Emergency Calls are still available when locked

Touch ID – follow guide to use Touch ID with the fingerprint scanner. When enabled you can unlock the phone via you fingerprint and access you Apple Account.

Allow access when locked:

  • Today
  • Notifications
  • Siri
  • Passbook
  • Reply with Message

Control Panel