Where are my Photos?

Now What Do I DoI have some photos

Somewhere …

now, what do I do next !


CameraWhere could the photos be?

And what do we do next?



Valuable PictureIn this presentation, we will explore the options for photo and image storage and management. I personally have over 50,000 pictures, some scans, some taken with the first digital cameras and some with the latest phones.

And there are many very precious photos, some around 100 years old, that have been scanned and preserved, like this one.

Camera or Phone? Have you taken your photos on a camera or a phone.

If you have used a camera, then generally you would plug a USB cable into your camera and the other end into your laptop or computer. If you are using a tablet, then it’s a little trickier, I’ll get to that later.

If you are using your phone, then you can use the USB cable approach, like a camera, but you have other options at your disposal.

You can automatically set your phone to send your freshly taken picture into your account on the internet and when you open your laptop, within seconds (actual results may vary !) your photo will be on your laptop or tablet to enjoy!

Time to Explore your computer !

Look for the Windows Key – it is usually the 2nd or 3rd key from the left in the bottom row.

Windows Key

Press it!

Now just start typing Windows Explorer, or even Explorer. Notice a list jump up. At the top, look for Windows Explorer. Click on it.

Windows Key

Your Computer

This is the heart of your machine.
If you have only used your computer to look at Facebook, look at youtube and check your email, this is the fun you have been missing out on !

In the images, your pictures may look slightly different, for example, you may see “Quick Access”, not “My Computer”. Don’t worry about that, we will find your photos !

And My Computer (that is, the one in front of me now) will be different because my “Frequent Folders” are different to yours.

Windows Explorer

Click on Pictures

Now, press the Enter key on your keyboard.

Another way is to double click, but that can take a little while to get right. It is generally easier I feel, to click and then “Enter” Sometimes it is called “Return”

You should now have “Pictures” open.

Don’t worry if you can’t see any pictures, your pictures may be only on your camera or phone.
Do you have your camera plugged in?
If so, click on “This PC”
Your Camera should be listed.
Open it (remember, click once, then Return or Enter key)

If you have a Camera, read this part

  1. Look in “My Computer” for your camera, assuming it is plugged in.
  2. Open your camera.
  3. Keep opening the folders until you see your pictures. Where they are will depend on make and model.
  4. When you find your photos, you should be able to see a “thumbnail” of each picture.
  5. Select a picture. (click on one)
  6. Hold down the CTRL key and tap “c”. That is CTRL – c or COPY
  7. Find “Pictures” in “My Computer” or “Quick Links” and open the folder.

If you have a phone, read this part

We will need to learn how to use the internet to transfer your photos as you take them to your account.
This can be any number of accounts.
Very popular at the moment are:

  • Google Photos
  • OneDrive Photos
  • iCloud Photo Library

Google and OneDrive work on either the Android or iPhone platform
iCloud works on the Apple system.
This cloud synchronisation will be a topic for one to one support.

Copy that Picture

  1. Press “CTRL” and tap “v”.
  2. That is  “CTRL – v” or paste.

Your photo should be copied from the camera to the Pictures folder on your computer.


  • What to do with your photos, now you know where they are and
  • Backup Backup Backup !

Click here to open a slide presentation on finding your photos


Click here to open a slide presentation on organising your photos